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pickSaaS is a service platform of freelancers using technology and allowing you to find, close and handle customers.

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Sebastian Andruszczak

Pipedrive & Sales Consultant

Sebastian is a sales consultant with experience in Pipedrive and has successfully completed Pipedrive setup, mailbox integration and training for a company in his location with the help of pickSaaS.

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Danny Nissani

Certified Zoho Expert

Danny is a certified Zoho expert and consultant working on most complex API integrations between businesses' tech systems. He has successfully completed an e-commerce, Pipedrive & Zoho integration project with pickSaaS.

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Recruitment & verification process

What you need to get started with pickSaaS.


profile submission

Register your profile using a dedicated submission form. Provide all the required information, including your experience, the number of realized projects and skills. Add your Calendly, website and portfolio links to your profile.


Verification certification

We verify the information provided in your profile, cross-checking on your social profiles and projects. If we're not able to confirm your experience, you might need to go through additional verification, assessment and/or interview.


project matching

After profile’s verification, we promote it in our social media/newsletter and match you with currently available projects. You can also provide materials you'd like to promote through our channels such as blog posts/case studies.

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Frequently asked questions

Common questions about the registration process.

1. What do I need to know to register?

We work with experts skilled in the below technologies:
- Pipedrive
- HubSpot
- Zoho
- Salesforce
- Shopify
- Webflow

+ many more.

We accept experts with different levels of expertise (basic, intermediate, expert).

2. What services can I provide through pickSaaS?

pickSaaS is the technology-focused freelance marketplace and we provide services in the area of technology support, implementation, integration and development.  

These include services such as:
- System implementation/integration
- Outbound, mailing system integration
- Data migration, structuring and analytics
- Lead identification technology integration
- Calling system implementation
- Team/individual training
- Store/website setup & support

We might also help you find customers for more business-focused tasks such as:
- Business/technology consulting
- Workflow automation
- Online marketing

3. What kind of support do you offer for experts?

We publish jobs found by pickSaaS team on the platform and let you apply to these job postings.

You can also use our project management services for any projects you run on your own.

We help you promote your guides and customer success stories through our social media channels.

4. How are you different from Upwork, Toptal or other freelancing websites?

We deliver specialists in selected software solutions.

‍‍We also focus on providing technical support and addressing customers' issues through ticketing system.

5. How much will I get from my service quote? What's the commission structure?

You always get a full price estimated by you in your quote.

We charge 25% - 50% commission per project on top, depending on the size of the project and the level of involvement of internal pickSaaS team.

Our SaaS freelance experts

+50 SaaS experts from 4 continents already registered.

Matt Pliszka

Pipedrive & Shopify Consultant

Certified Pipedrive Expert Partner. Helping grow sales and reduce time spent on manual tasks by providing support in CRM configuration and integration. Automating lead identification, distribution and CRM mailing automation processes. Executing data migration & data structuring.

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Paul Minors

Pipedrive, Asana & MailChimp consultant

Productivity blogger and consultant specializing in CRM, project management & mailing automation. Pipedrive CRM Certified Expert. Helping customers make the best out of their CRM technology with the right automations and integrations. Expert on Asana & MailChimp integration.

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Gabriel Paradelo

Certified Zoho Partner

A Certified Zoho Partner with 8 years of experience and 100+ realized projects. Providing services in the areas of consulting, training, custom development, APIs, data migration or integration with calling systems.

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Jason Hay

Zoho Consultant

A certified Zoho specialist working on consulting, customization and automation of CRM processes. Working with customers on building a customized CRM experience to achieve goals and accelerate business growth.

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Jose Cabal

HubSpot Golden Partner

Golden Agency partner of Hubspot and part of the Hubspot Partners Counsil. Has worked with 15+ clients advising them on how to create an Inbound and Sales Strategy.

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Meghan Hultquist

Elite HubSpot Partner

Elite HubSpot Partner, providing services in HubSpot consulting, implementation, data migration, analytics, visualization and marketing processes.

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