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Matt Pliszka

Pipedrive Expert Partner & CRM Consultant

Certified Pipedrive Expert Partner. Helping grow sales and reduce time spent on manual tasks by providing support in CRM configuration and integration. Automating lead identification, distribution and CRM mailing automation processes. Executing data migration & data structuring.

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Paul Minors

Pipedrive, Asana & MailChimp consultant

Productivity blogger and consultant specializing in CRM, project management & mailing automation. Pipedrive CRM Certified Expert. Helping customers make the best out of their CRM technology with the right automations and integrations. Expert on Asana & MailChimp integration.

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Jordan Wagner

Certified Pipedrive Partner

Is your favor marketing software not on Pipedrive's marketplace but you would like to see this info in Pipedrive? Thankfully they have a RESTapi that allows for custom integrations and creating custom features.

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Tomas Wiesner

Pipedrive Automation Expert

I am focused on data process automation. I can help you prepare automation scenarios that will increase your efficiency immediately and earn money from the day 1.

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Cullen Brugman

Pipedrive Data Visualisation Specialist

We are Pipedrive Partners and also have extensive experience in data visualisation (especially of Pipedrive data), due to many businesses wanting to have specific, customised reporting to show them exactly where the gaps are so they can continually drive results.

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Antonio Specchia

CRM architect, Pipedrive Official Partner

We work with best companies when it comes to CRM.
If your problem is to set up Pipedrive or enhance it to next level we are there for you. I will plan and deploy your project, fix any issues or implement the solution that fits your needs.

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Reduce your CRM maintenance costs by 50%
Hire part-time, full-time or for the project

Save time and money spent on recruiting and long-term contracts with companies. Hire for the task at hand, to complete the project or as a long-term addition to your regular team.

The best talent, 100% guaranteed
Hire from the quality pool of CRM experts

Save resources spent on identifying the best talent in the field. We run the screening process for you, matching an expert with your business needs with 100% refundable quality guarantee.

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Get an estimate for your CRM project and connect with a hand-picked expert in 24 hours. Work during 7-day trial period and switch expert, if not satisfied.

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Pipedrive integration & implementation services

Pipedrive implementation, integration and consulting services to grow sales pipeline and save time on manual tasks.

Integrate Pipedrive with external databases and lead sources

Integrate Pipedrive with your website, social media, emails or customer support. Automate lead input and distribution. Upload targeted leads' data and see your sales grow by even 30%.

Connect with lead identification and scoring software

Integrate your Pipedrive CRM with lead scoring software, letting you identify most probable leads, actually clicking on your emails and interested in your product/service.

Automate workflow and save time on manual input

Use workflow automation to turn manual tasks like data input or mailing into automated activities to help you save time, go home early or focus on most important business goals.

Integrate Pipedrive with your software stack

Connect your Pipedrive CRM to other technology you're using to make the most out of your CRM use and to have all the data analyzed in one place.

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Your business changes and evolves every month. So does your CRM configuration and integration.

Get regular guides on growing your software stack, integrating it with your technology, growing sales, and saving time with the right setup and configuration.


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Scalable & efficient sales process and technological system

Rhys Black
CEO at Trade Nations

With the help of pickSaaS we were able to create a structured CRM and outbound sales process that is scalable and can be managed by our team.

This is the technology partner worth recommending

Marcin Zieliński
Head of Sales at Grupa Terytorium

pickSaaS is the perfect example of solid and reliable partner. Their implementation process for our 10-people sales team was extremely well-organized, quick and efficient. After the implementation, we could actually count on their help and support which only confirmed their professional approach.




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