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$99 per task


CRM support, data structuring, clean up.

1h response CRM support for you and the team

Data structuring and import

Account configuration

Integrations' setup and support

Workflow automation setup and support

Up to 40h CRM support for your team

Quality guaranteed with NPS scoring and escrow mechanism

7-day refundable trial period

per project


CRM implementation, integration and training.

Dedicated full-time CRM expert for your team

Custom CRM configuration, implementation and sales process structuring

Custom integration with your software environment

Custom workflow automation and email system integration

CRM data analytics

Individual and team training sessions

Remote team setup and technology guidelines

Up to 80h CRM consulting for your team

7-day refundable trial period

Quality guaranteed with NPS scoring and escrow mechanism

per project

Need a custom project for your medium or large team?

Estimate the project and get a custom pricing for your team, have a team of freelance experts join remotely or on-site. Get a detailed step-by-step milestones and pay on milestones' completion.

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Work with your CRM support using a dedicated project board and ticketing system during a 7-day refundable trial. Complete milestones, work with your expert or add new expert to your team.

Frequently asked questions

Common questions about CRM technology and our services.

4. Do you provide extended trial or discount for CRM solutions?

Yes, you can try out Pipedrive for extended 30 days free (normally it's 14 days) using the below link or by entering af-picksaas code in the billing section to extend your Pipedrive trial to 30 days.

We also provide discount for the software, depending on the team's size and needs.

-> Link to Pipedrive's extended 30-day free trial

5. Why are your services better? What effects can I expect when it comes to sales growth and time saving?

We deliver on the below value proposition, when compared to other services:
- We offer the pool of different experts, depending on the customer's needs
- We monitor the quality of our experts' services with the weekly/monthly NPS scoring
- We require experts to follow specific set of rules, including response/delivery time

The effects differ case by case. Some CRM users with the right technology setup observe as high as 30% growth in leads' volume, 2x increase in deals' conversion and hundreds of hours saved on doing manual tasks.

6. What's the pricing?

You can find our pricing plans above.

Our pricing ranges between $999 - $3,999 for CRM support and consulting services.

You can also solve single configuration/integration task with a $99 payment plan.

To get a pricing/hourly estimate for a custom or enterprise project, estimate project with us. You will receive the estimation within 24h.

7. Do you have a free trial? How does it work?

For Support and Consulting plans, we provide a 7-day refundable trial period.

If, within 7-days from starting your subscription (unless you accept work to begin), you resign from using the freelancer/expert services, full price is refunded to your account.

You can also submit first support ticket, for free.

8. How do you charge? What payment methods do you support?

We currently support credit/debit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX) and ApplePay/GooglePay.

Please email us if you'd like to request an alternative method of payment (bank transfer, PayPal).

We monitor customer satisfaction using monthly NPS questionnaires. However, if you're not satisfied with the quality of work or want to resign from the services within 7-day period, the payment is refunded to your credit card.

9. How do you communicate during the project?

You will also be provided with the access to the dedicated Slack channel and to the shared project board with the updates about the project's status/progress.

After the start of the service, you'll receive a welcome email with all the details about the project and the communication (depending on your needs).

10. Do you work remotely or on-site?

We work remotely using communication tools like video conferencing software, Slack, project management tools and time tracking/reporting.

If you require our support on-site, we can send the team member on site or if required, find the right freelancer in your location.

Communicate with your freelance expert using your favorite set of tools

Use your set of tools to connect, work with your expert, monitor progress and submit tickets.

Customers' success stories

Recently completed projects and customer success stories.

Scalable & efficient sales process and technological system

Rhys Black
CEO at Trade Nations

With the help of pickSaaS we were able to create a structured CRM and outbound sales process that is scalable and can be managed by our team.

This is the technology partner worth recommending

Marcin Zieliński
Head of Sales at Grupa Terytorium

pickSaaS is the perfect example of solid and reliable partner. Their implementation process for our 10-people sales team was extremely well-organized, quick and efficient. After the implementation, we could actually count on their help and support which only confirmed their professional approach.


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