Remote technology setup and support
We help companies become more remote by implementing, integrating and training on using the right technology stack, including communication, video conferencing and CRM.

We work with the below technologies:

Integrate your remote technology stack

We run the full process of remote technology selection, integration, and training.

Use Slack as your central workspace. Integrate with your technology stack.

Connect your communication software with other technology in your business. Collaborate on documents with teams and customers, run conferences, get sales reports.

Collaborate on documents with your team and invite external guests to work on your projects

Run video conferences and meetings with your team and external parties

Integrate with any other tools and manage your workspace including meetings, payments, sales

Implement in one week, train your team and make your company remote.

Get ready to working remotely in less than one week. Use online team training and individual support sessions to make your company remote today and for the long-term.

Online team training

Individual training sessions

Technology guidelines and videos

Flexible billing for small, medium, and large teams

Start with basic remote support and extend to larger project, when needed.

Get basic remote setup support & implementation

Start your support plan and get instant support in software implementation and integration.

Estimate remote implementation and training project

Get custom estimation for your training project depending on your needs and team's size.

Use 7-day refundable trial period and cancel anytime

Start working with your support during 7-day trial period and resign if not satisfied.


1h response time support

Implement your communication software as a central workspace

Video conferencing integration

Meeting system integration

CRM system integration

Payment system integration

Project management system integration

Customer service software integration

Access management software integration

7-day refundable trial period

Get started $999

Everything included in the Support plan

Dedicated consultant to help you set up your remote team

Team training

Individual support

Remote work and technology guidelines

Team onboarding

Ongoing updates on technology and training sessions

7-day refundable trial period

Get started $3,999

Frequently asked questions

4. How do you communicate during the project?

We work with customers remotely, using a dedicated Slack channel, a shared project board and running regular meetings/conferences.

We also collaborate on technology guidelines using real time document collaboration like Google Drive and Dropbox.

5. What payment methods do you accept? How can I get approval for this expense in my company?

We accept all forms of payment (Stripe), including Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

We support our customers in getting an approval for this expense by running ROI calculation, based on your business type/size. You will receive it together with the answer to the project estimation.

Customers' success stories

Recently completed projects and customer success stories.

Scalable & efficient sales process and technological system

Rhys Black
CEO at Trade Nations

With the help of pickSaaS we were able to create a structured CRM and outbound sales process that is scalable and can be managed by our team.

This is the technology partner worth recommending

Marcin Zieliński
Head of Sales at Grupa Terytorium

pickSaaS is the perfect example of solid and reliable partner. Their implementation process for our 10-people sales team was extremely well-organized, quick and efficient. After the implementation, we could actually count on their help and support which only confirmed their professional approach.


+100 tasks


saved per project

solved per project

saved per person per project

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