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API update

Question: I have just received a notification about a new version of the Shopify API. Do I have to update it now and what happens if I don't?

Solution: Every new API version brings new features which can help your store (e.g. by improving page speed), so it's advised to update the API for every new release. Every version of the API is valid for 12 months, so the older version will remain valid for 9 more months.

API update time: 1-2 weeks

Category page filtering

Question: How do I set up my category page listing to introduce multiple filtering options, display pricing per unit, add category item and description?

‍‍Solution: Native category pages in Shopify are very limited in terms of customization, so the best way to do this would be to do custom modification/development of category page or use an external application like Searchanise.

Implementation time: 2-3 weeks.

Physical pickup setup

Question: How do I set up physical pickup delivery method to display on the cart page and this information to be automatically filled in on the checkout stage?

‍‍‍Solution: You'd need to create a physical pickup delivery method in your Shipping options and use a proper application to display pickup option on the /cart or /product-page level.

Implementation time: 1-2 days

Multi-currency display

Question: Will Shopify allow me to display different currencies, depending on the geographical IP address of the visitor?

‍‍‍Solution: Shopify allows for multi-currency service which change depending on the customer's currency choice (currency translated automatically based on the rates in standard rates).

Implementation time: 1-2 days

Data layers setup

Question: How do I implement data layers in my Shopify store.

‍‍‍Solution: Data layers can be implemented through a native Google Tag Manager implementation or using a separate application, helping you inject the code, like Elevar.

Implementation time: 1 week

How Shopify support works

Submit a question, get expert support and solve even in 1 week time.

Support plan/query

Submit your Shopify issue, including front-end/liquid development, systems' integration, API updates, products' sync or page speed optimization.

Expert match

We send the query to selected network of Shopify developers, screening on their experience, know-how, readiness to provide support and scope of services.

Hire support

Decide to hire the support to help you in the more complex Shopify development tasks, helping you save time & money spent on internal/external development.

Get actual support for your Shopify issues. Save time spent on search and reduce development agency costs.

Use your Shopify support when needed to solve your most complex ongoing liquid, integration and development issues. Get upfront estimate for your tasks and save cash on long-term agency contracts.

Shopify tech support available 24/7

Support for your Shopify apps and integrations

Remote setup for your Shopify account

Enhance your Shopify account and grow conversion with custom integrations and native apps.

Integrate Shopify with your software environment, including ERP system, PIM, external marketplaces and shipping providers.

Set up custom integration with shipping & inventory

Automate marketplaces' listing and sync

Integrate with Google Analytics and analyze sales

Flexible billing for small, medium, and large teams

Pay per task/project or use hourly prepayment to ensure constant support for your team.

Pay per task and solve your tech issues in 24h

Pay per every task, integration or project. Skip large long-term contracts and pay only for the tasks at hand.

Buy hourly support and monitor hourly balance

Buy hourly support subscription and get notified on your team's hourly support use. Avoid surprises.

Get upfront estimate for integration projects

Get up-front estimation for your development projects and plan your costs in advance.

$249/ support

24h response time support for your team

Solve quick native/Zapier/API integration and configuration tasks

Store's mockup setup

Remote setup for your account

Dedicated ticketing system and support

Up to 8 hours support for you and your team

Quality guaranteed with NPS scoring and escrow mechanism

7-day refundable trial period

Get started $249
$999/ 40h

Everything in the Task plan

1h response time Shopify support for you and the team

Store's UX design & setup

Products' import and structuring

ERP/PIM/delivery sync

Google Analytics setup

Native/Zapier/API integrations' setup and support

Up to 40h support for your team

Quality guaranteed with NPS scoring and escrow mechanism

7-day refundable trial period

Get started $999

Frequently asked questions

4. What's the pricing? Can I try it for free?

Our support starts at $249 for the mockup store's setup. You can also purchase 40h of support balance for $999 which includes more advanced support and integrations. Any unused hours can be charged back to your account.

You can also submit your first query for free and we'll come back to you with the solution and estimation for this project.

5. What payment methods do you accept? How can I get approval for this expense in my company?

We accept all forms of payment, including Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

We support our customers in getting an approval for this expense by running ROI calculation, based on your business type/size. You will receive it together with the answer to the first submitted ticket.

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pickSaaS is the perfect example of solid and reliable partner. Their implementation process for our 10-people sales team was extremely well-organized, quick and efficient. After the implementation, we could actually count on their help and support which only confirmed their professional approach.

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